Making a complex process simple...

My decades of experience accrued as a filmmaker means I can offer a risk free creative experience–I listen to your needs, diagnose accurately, understand your required outcomes, ensuring your vision is accurately translated onto the screen.


We talk… and talk… and then talk a bit more…
It’s vitally important to diagnose your needs accurately, to understand completely the outcome you require. I can then provide an accurate treatment, a quote and cost breakdown.
I provide this consultation service for free.


Working together, we breathe life into your idea, for small projects this may be as simple as scheduling shoot dates and locations. For complex projects it may involve finding locations/studios, building sets, finalising crews, equipment, props, casting actors, voice over artists…


The exciting bit!
All shoots employ the latest cutting-edge 4K camera technologies, Mavic drones, full depth lighting kits and broadcast quality audio recording.
Crews are built to fit your projects requirements so that your budget doesn’t pay for extraneous staff.
Decades of experience means I can spot opportunities and solve problems early on, allowing us to extract the highest production value from your budget.


First the ‘rough cut’, this is a chance to explore the material and experiment. This evaluation edit is vital to get the best out of the material. Following the ‘rough’ comes the ‘draft’ cuts for client viewing, at this point we may add: voiceover, motion graphics, titling, subtitling, music etc…
Once picture lock is achieved, subtitles and the final audio mix are added. All projects are graded using DaVinci Resolve to add a final visual polish.

How much does a production cost?

As you can see from the four stages listed above, there are many factors to pin down before an accurate quote can be given. Often a client has a fixed budget in mind, in that situation we can reverse engineer the project to match that budget to extract maximum value.
The starting point is always a script, this doesn’t have to be in a Hollywood format – it could be detailed bullet points, or notes on the back of a napkin, it could be images, a mood board or video examples. All these ideas help shape the final outcome and inform the budget.

Consultation is a free service, so if your bubbling with thoughts/ideas, please get in touch…