Ethical Business and Brand

Boost your online presence with engaging content…
I strongly believe marketting should be a force for good. If the core values of your business concur, then please get in touch.
This sector offers a wide range of possibilities: Social media advertising campaigns. Corporate training. Live event. Website embeds. Motion graphic explainers, animations…
I believe in building strong partnerships, working together to achieve exceptional results.


Filmmaking can be a powerful tool for change…
I’ve been lucky enough to work with some extraordinary charities. I’m comfortable navigating challenging projects, working alongside team leaders and councillors. I spent six months with a group of homeless young people in Swansea documenting their struggles, for the BBC. For the past decade I’ve worked with The Re-live Charity on a number of projects, including helping military veterans share their profound stories with the public.


A graduate of Newport Film School I have a keen interest in all time-based mediums…
I’ve made films for Diversion Dance Company, Earthfall Dance (Bafta nominated), The Welsh National Opera, the British Council.
I worked closely with Tim Davies on his Venice Biennale entry supervising film production.
In 2016 I worked in a single role as DOP on ‘Catch Of The Day’ a drama short that won the Bafta Cymru.


Learning should be engaging, inspiring… and fun.
I’ve worked with dozens of businesses in South Wales providing internal education video services, including: The International Baccalaureate, Hugh James, The Royal Society of Architects in Wales. It’s a diverse sector with many possibilities: 30 second staff communiqués. Live event capture for internal/external distribution. Instructional videos for new staff/clients. Process notifications. I’ve also provided clients with scripted educational dramas for internal distribution.


Dive into the art of storytelling with documentaries that captivate, educate, and inspire…
This genre encompasses a broad range of styles from single camera interviews to fully fledged, feature length, epics. I’ve made documentaries for businesses, broadcasters and charities.

Live Event Capture

Record your one-off event for client distribution…
I have experience producing/directing multi-camera productions–filming dance, theatre, awards, educational performances and corporate events in a wide variety of venues. This genre offers a wide range of possibilities:
Pre-event trailers. Full event multi-cam recording. Testimonials. Highlight reels…

Music Promotion

I’ve produced/directed music videos at full broadcast specs for MTV, NMETV, and for online delivery.